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2023 GT Show, PDW ignites a summer of tuning passion

09 08 2023

2023 GT Show, PDW ignites a summer of tuning passion

As a GT Show that continuously promotes the development of Chinese car culture, it is also very honored to be in the headlines of Speedhunters, allowing fans around the world to see the wonderful content of the 2023 GT Show Suzhou Exhibition.

The author Eric Gwei presents many excellent modification works such as street cars, off-road vehicles, new energy vehicles, trucks, racing cars and so on in China through a long description, and at the same time shows our diverse car playing styles, including STANCE, VIP, DEKOTORA, etc., and finally transmits China's car culture, so that car culture enthusiasts around the world can see the current situation and rapid development of Chinese car culture. The following is the original text of the article, let's enjoy it together.

Illustrated by Eric Gwei

Original link:微信图片_20230914090919.png2.png3.png4.png5.png6.png



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